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Clicking Switch will open the Microsoft Store and prompt you to “Get” the full version, akin to installing an app. Once you do that, your PC will switch over to its full version of Windows 10 and you’ll be free to install whatever apps you wish. To take full advantage of Windows 10, you’ll need to disable it S Mode (assuming it’s currently activated). While S Mode does offer performance and security benefits, it’s highly restrictive and doesn’t offer a complete experience for users. Thankfully, you can disable S Mode in just a few easy steps. After you see a confirmation message on the page, you'll be able to download and install Respondus LockDown Browser.

  • Doing otherwise is against Microsoft’s license terms.
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  • Once you turn it off, you won’t be able to switch on this mode again without reinstalling your Windows system.

In addition, it is easy to configure settings across an entire classroom, which is like plugging a USB stick in a laptop. Microsoft have been gradually pushing users into the world of subscription services and managed devices for years now. Microsoft’s newest iteration of Windows, Windows 10 S, has been advertised as one of the safest and most secure versions of the world’s most popular operating system. Since the OS is highly restrictive in nature and it can only run software installed from the Windows Store, Microsoft has put quite a few checks into the system to keep malware and hackers out. The process will get completed within a few seconds.

Windows 10 for current users of Windows 7, Windows 8, 8.1

If a website is offering Windows activation keys for free or at too low prices and has shaky ratings, chances are it is an illegitimate venture. You can buy Windows 10 keys from other third-party websites at a lower price than what buying directly from Microsoft would cost you. So if you want the complete Windows 10 experience for free without any restrictions or annoying activation warnings, buying a cheap key would be a viable option. Another disadvantage of using Windows without activating is that Microsoft won’t assist you if download here you run into any technical issues. Instead, the tech support staff would first ask you for your activation key before answering your queries. A Windows which is not activated will display an ‘Activate Windows’ watermark on the bottom-right corner of your desktop screen.

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For the Windows versions produced from 1995 to 2000, see Windows 9x. For the Windows version following Windows 8, see Windows 8.1. Microsoft is encouraging Windows 7 users to upgrade to Windows 10 now support for the former has ended.

Restart the Computer and Run Windows Update Again

To switch from S mode to the full version of Windows 10 hiding behind it, navigate to Settings | Update And Security | Activation. In the Activation menu, look for Switch To Windows 10 Pro (or Home–you’ll see one of the two depending on what version of Windows 10 your computer has). It should do it automatically 10 days after a semi-annual update.

Updating your Microsoft® Windows® computer

The promise with DirectStorage is that it will make game loading levels and textures much quicker, potentially allowing game developers to build games in a completely different way. It will also reduce the CPU load, and could potentially deliver a bit of a performance boost. Though the impact of that could end up being rather negligible in today's gaming PCs.